The sovereign countries and state-like bodies resp. territories as of 2011:

25px League of Nations-administered territories

South America

See main article: South America


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status Population
30px Bolivia Sucre Spanish 25px South American Confederation (CAS, SAC) Stub 10,500,000
30px Brazil Brasilia Portuguese South American Confederation Canon 187,500,000
30px Chile Santiago Spanish South American Confederation Canon 15,500,000
30px Colombia Bogota Spanish South American Confederation Canon 45,928,970
30px Ecuador Quito Spanish South American Confederation Stub 14,573,101
30px Guyana Cooperative Paramaribo Dutch, English Comprising Guyana & Suriname Canon, Stub 1,172,298
30px Guyane Cayenne French Canon 200,000
30px Paraguay Asunción Spanish, Guaraní South American Confederation Canon 6,831,306
30px Peru Lima Spanish, Quechua, Aymara South American Confederation Canon29,132,013
30px RUAS (United Republic of South America) Buenos Aires Spanish South American Confederation Formally a unification of Argentina, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands Canon, Stub 40,482,000
30px Vatican Vatican City State, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French Non-Aligned Under the leadership of Pope Anthony I since 12th May 1999 Canon?
30px Venezuela Caracas Spanish South American Confederation Canon 27,514,843

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Republic of the Pampas Porto Alegre Portuguese Brazilian breakaway republic, 1986 - 1991 Canon
30px Falkland Islands Stanley English British Overseas Territory United with Argentina in 1984 Canon, stub
30px Uruguay Montevideo Spanish United with Argentina in 1984 Canon

North America

See main article: North America


Nation Capital Language(s) Organization Notes Article Status Population
Alabama (Florence)FlorenceEnglish Canon57,678
30px Free State of Alaska Juneau English ANZC Associated StateSurvivor nation in most of the former American state of Alaska Canon 175,000
30px AntlersAntlersEnglish City-state in Oklahoma Canon12,000
30px Aroostook Houlton English, French Survivor nation in northern and eastern Maine and western New Brunswick Canon 750,000
30px Assiniboia Niverville English, French Canadian survivor nation in the fomer province of Manitoba Canon 1,210,000
30px Astoria AstoriaEnglish Canon 348,794
30px BinghamtonBinghamtonEnglish Canon127,460
30px Blue RidgeAshevilleEnglish Canon 250,000
30px Broken BowBroken BowEnglish Canon30,000
30px Californian RepublicPlacerville English, Spansh, Canon420,000
30px Canada St. John's English, French, Inuktitut 25px Atlantic Defense Community Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is a protectorate Canon 1,100,000
30px CascadiaBaker CityEnglish Canon
CharlestonCharlestonEnglish Canon15,000
30px Chumash RepublicShalawaEnglish, Spanish American survivor nation in the former California counties of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Canon 150,000
30px Commonwealth of SusquehannaBloomsburgEnglish American survivor nation in the former northeastern Pennsylvania Proposal 73,477
30px DelmarvaSalisburyEnglish, Spanish Also known as United Counties of Delmarva (UCD) Canon 600,000
25px Deseret (Utah)Fillmore English 25px Member of the North American Union Canon 2,500,000
30px Dinétah (Navajo Nation)Rainbow Bridge English, Navajo In association with Utah Canon 100,000
30px East TennesseeMorristown English American survivor state in eastern Tennessee Canon80,000
30px Eastern Texas, Republic of Texas Nacogdoches English, Spanish American survivor nation in former eastern TexasCanon 80,000
30px GettysburgGettysburgEnglish American survivor state in southern PennsylvaniaCanon101, 407
HattiesburgHattiesburgEnglish Canon133,000
30px Hot SpringsHot SpringsEnglish American survivor nation in former Arkansas Canon435,000
HugoHugoEnglish Canon15,000
International FallsInternational FallsEnglish Canon17,000
JacksonJacksonEnglish Occupied by Dixie Alliance Canon50,000
30px JoplinJoplinEnglish American survivor colony in the town of Joplin, Missouri Canon45,000
30px KeeneKeeneEnglish Canon9,750
30px Kentucky Commonwealth Fort Knox English American survivor nation with territory in the former states of Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee Canon 2,580,500
Lake PlacidLake PlacidEnglish Canon10,000
30px LakotahPorcupineLakotaMember of the North American Union Canon200,000
30px Republic of LincolnLincolnEnglish Survivor nation based in former eastern Nebraska Canon 890,000
30px London, ONLondonEnglish Canon400,000
LouisianaLafayetteEnglish Canon216,100
30px MexicoMexíca, D.C. Spanish Canon 132,065,781
Mississippi (Corinth)CorinthEnglish Canon
30px MSP - Municipal States of the PacificCrescent City English Canon 211,502
NatchezNatchezEnglish Canon61,000
Neonotia English Canon
30px New MontgomeryNew MontgomeryEnglish Canon24,000
30px North PennsylvaniaFranklinEnglish, Pennsylvania Dutch American survivor nation in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York Canon575,000
30px Niagara FallsNiagara FallsEnglish Canon125,000
Northern TownshipsSt. AlbansEnglish, French Confederation of small towns in northern New EnglandCanon 40,000
30px Northwest AllianceFort SmithEnglish, Native Languages Survivor nation in the western Northwest Territories Canon 16,474
Okanagan Confederacy English Confederation of small towns in former British ColumbiaCanon
30px OlmstedRochesterEnglish Christian theocratic survivor nation in former Rochester, Minnesota Canon30,000
30px Outer BanksManteo English Barrier Islands off former North CarolinaCanon60,000
30px Outer LandsNew ShorehamEnglish Canon52,000
30px Pasco Free StatePascoEnglish Canon
25px Piedmont RepublicGreenville English Survivor nation in former northwestern South Carolina Canon 426,125
30px PlymouthPlymouthEnglish Survivor nation in eastern Massachusetts Canon259,100
Portland, Tennessee English Survivor community in northern TennesseeCanon 16,400
30px Provisional CanadaSaskatoonEnglishMember of the North American Union Canon
30px Quad Cities AllianceDavenportEnglish Canon300,000
30px Prince George (Republic of New Caledonia) Prince George English Canon 160,000
30px Reading, Pennsylvania Reading English Provisional state government and now de facto independent survivor state in southeastern Pennsylvania Canon 418,765
30px Saguenay Chicoutimi French Officially recognized state after the 2009 Saguenay War Canon 272,610
30px San Juan Friday HarborEnglish Surviving communities from the San Juan Islands. Canon/Stub 17,000
30px Santa Cruz Santa Cruz English Fascist nation controlled by slavers and raiders just south of San Jose Canon 145,000 (includes 75,000 slaves)
SelmaSelmaEnglish Survivor city-state in former South-West Florida Canon13,500
30px South FloridaGainesvilleEnglish, Spanish Created from union of several Floridian survivor statesCanon 1,500,000
30px Sierra Nevada Carson CityEnglish, Spanish Also known as Sierra Nevada Union (SNU) Canon 400,000
30px State CollegeState College English Officially, "Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at State College" Canon151,000
30px Superior Stowe English, Finnish, German, French, Swedish, Italian Extensive American Republic based out of the Upper Peninsula of the former US state of Michigan Canon 1,400,000
30px Toledo ConfederationToledoEnglish Canon1,250,000
30px United StatesTorringtonEnglishMember of the North American Union Canon 3,690,300
VenturaVentura, Oxnard, Port Huneme English, Spanish Canon 50,000
30px Vermont Montpelier English American survivor nation in former New EnglandCanon 759,164
30px Victoria VictoriaEnglish Canadian survivor nation centered on Vancouver IslandCanon 1,100,000
30px VandaliaVandaliaEnglish Canon 101,408
30px Virginian RepublicCharlestonEnglish Military dictatorship created by the 101st AirborneCanon 1,500,000
30px Wabash UnionLafayetteEnglish Survivor state in northwestern IndianaCanon327,783
30px WaynesboroWaynesboroEnglish Canon3,150
30px Texas Midland English, Spanish Canon 846,380
30px Wisconsin Madison English Republic set up in the city of Madison by the Republic of Superior. Stub 100,000
30px Republic of the YucatanMerida (de jure), Valladolid (de facto)Spanish, Yucatec (Maya) Secessionist state from MexicoCanon 2,750,000
30px Yukon Whitehorse English ANZC Associated State Canon 12,000

Former countries/Unincorporated regions

See also: Doomsday by U.S. state
Nation Capital Language(s) Organization Notes Article Status
Athens, Georgia Failed survivor state in GeorgiaCanon
Auburn, Alabama Failed survivor state in AlabamaCanon
25px BloomingtonBloomingtonEnglish Now a state of KentuckyCanon
25px Republic of Cape Breton InvernessEnglish, Mi'kmaq, French, Gaelic Incorporated into Canadian province of Nova Scotia in 2006 Canon
Cave CityCave CityEnglish Now a part of KentuckyCanon
Central Texas Canon, stub
25px DubuqueDubuqueEnglish Now a protectorate of the Quad Cities Alliance Canon
25px Republic of IowaIowa CityEnglish Now a protectorate of the Quad Cities AllianceCanon
Monterey Lawless Zone Former Californian countyCanon
Northern Texas Canon, stub
South Texas Canon, stub
30px Republic of St. LawrenceRimouskiEnglish Temporarily an independent state during the Saguenay WarCanon
Tennessee Former American state with three recognized survivor communitiesCanon
30px Thunder Bay Thunder BayEnglish Rejoined Canada in 2010 Canon, Stub


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Imperial Empire of New York CityCoruscantGalactic Basic (English) Canon
New York RangersRock Hill, NYEnglish Independent militia in former New YorkCanon
Lawrence RaidersN/AFrench, English Group of gangs in southern QuebecCanon
ChinksEureka, IllinoisEnglish Brigands operating in Central IllinoisCanon

Proposed countries

Central America and the Caribbean


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px BermudaHamilton English Canon
30px Costa Rica San José Spanish Canon
30px CubaNueva GeronaSpanish Canon
30px El Salvador San Salvador Spanish Canon
30px GuatemalaGuatemala CitySpanish Canon
30px HaitiPort-au-PrinceFrench, Haitian Creole Canon
30px HondurasTegucigalpaSpanish Observer in the South American Confederation Canon
30px Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoSpanish Canon
30px East Caribbean Federation Castries English Includes Trinidad and Tobago Canon
30px Netherlands Antilles Willemstad Dutch, English, Papiamento, Spanish Canon
30px NicaraguaManaguaSpanish Canon
30px Puerto RicoSan Juan English, SpanishObserver in the South American Confederation Canon


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Panama Canal Zone Ciudad de Panamá Spanish, Portuguese South American Confederation International territory administered by the SAC Canon

Former countries & unincorporated regions

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Darién Ukupseni Spanish, Kuna, Northern Emberá, Woun Meu South American Confederation Colombian protectorate 1991-1999, now part of Colombia Canon
30px East Panama Chepo (de jure) Spanish Claimed by Colombia Canon
30px PanamaPanama City (destroyed)Spanish Government collapsed shortly after DoomsdayCanon
30px West Panama n/a Spanish Divided into numerous survivor states Canon



See main article: Europe
Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Albania ElbasanAlbanian Canon
30px Alpine ConfederationVaduz German, Italian, Swiss German, French, and Ratoroman Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein plus parts of Italy, Germany and France Canon
30px ArmeniaAbovyanArmenian Canon
30px Asturias Spanish Canon
30px Auvergne Clermont-FerrandFrench, AuvergnatFrance Canon
30px BelarusBabruysk Canon
30px BohemiaKarlovy Vary Canon
30px BosniaSarajevoSerbian, Arabic Successor state to Yugoslavia Canon
30px Bourgogne, Franche-Comté Dijon, Besançon FrenchFrance Canon
30px Castile and Leon Leon Spanish Junta formed in 2001 Stub
30px Celtic AllianceDublin Irish, Scottish Gaelic, English 25px Atlantic Defense Community Ireland (Eire), Scottish islands, Channel Islands & Isle of Man. Successor state to the Irish Republic & United Kingdom 1986 Canon
30px Kingdom of Cleveland Middlesbrough English Member of Organisation of British Nations Former East coast of England Canon
30px CorsicaAjaccioCorsican, FrenchAtlantic Defense Community Canon
30px CourlandVentspilsLatvianNordic Union Canon
30px CrimeaYaltaUkrainian Former Autonomous Republic of USSRStub
30px CroatiaZagrebCroatian Canon
30px DagestanDerbentRussian and other languages Canon
30px Don RepublicProletarskRussian Canon
30px EssexChelmsfordEnglishOrganisation of British NationsEssex, along with parts of Hertfordshire and what's left of LondonCanon
30px EstoniaKuressaare Nordic Union Canon
30px Euskadi (Pays-Libres des Basques) GasteizEuskara Independent Basque country Canon
30px ExtremaduraCáceresEstremeñu and Spanish Estremeñu region of the former nation of SpainCanon
30px FrieslandLjouwert Frisian Canon
30px GaliciaPerehinskeUkranian Canon
30px Galicia Santiago de Compostela (official), La Coruña (administrative) Galician Spanish survivor community Canon
30px GenoaGenoaItalian Canon
30px Federation of GeorgiaKuitasiGeorgian, Russian Canon
30px Grand-Andorre Andorra la Vella French, CatalanFrance Andorra and much of the eastern Pyrrenes Canon
30px Greece New AthensGreekAtlantic Defense CommunityGreece, small bits of Turkey, and the coast of Libya and Egypt Canon
30px Iberian Confederacy Jaca, Tudela, Calahorra Spanish Survivor junta in the Pyrennes Canon
30px KalmykiaElistaKalmyk Canon
30px Republic of Karelia VyborgFinnish, Karelian, RussianNordic Union Canon
30px Kuban People's RepublicKrasnodarRussian Canon
30px Duchy of LancasterLancasterEnglish Canon
30px LatgaliaRēzekneLatgalian Proposal
30px Lille and the Flemish Lands LilleFrench, Flemish France Canon
30pxLithuaniaTelšiaiLithuanianNordic Union Canon
30px LuxembourgLuxembourg CityFrench, German, Luxembourgish Borders expanded since 1983 Canon
30px Macedonia SkopjeMacedonian Canon
30px MaltaVallettaMaltese, English Under protection of the League of NationsCanon
30px MatlockMatlockEnglish Canon
30px MonacoMonaco Monegasque, FrenchFrance Canon
30px New Rome New RomeItalian Canon
30px NewollandBourneEnglish 25px Organisation of British NationsFormerly East BritainCanon
30px North GermanyHusumGerman, FrisianNordic Union Schleswig-Holstein and East Frisia Canon
30px Nordic UnionReykjavík, Trondheim, StavangerNorwegian and Icelandic Atlantic Defense Community Political, economic, and military union of:
25px Iceland
25px Norway
25px Faroe Islands
25px Greenland
22px Denmark
22px Sweden
25px Finland
25px Åland
30px Northeim NortheimGerman Canon
30px Kingdom of Northumbria AlnwickEnglishMember of Organisation of British Nations Former UK counties of Northumberland and Cumberland Canon
30px Orléans Orléans French France Canon
30px OssetiaVladikavkhazOssetian Canon
30px PodoliaHaisynUkrainianUkraine Republican Coalition Canon
30px Poitevine Republic Poitiers FrenchFrance Canon
30px Southern Scotland Edinburgh English, Gaelic, lowland Scots Currently being rebuilt after the Ur Alba War Canon
30px Commonwealth of East Poland BialystokPolish Canon
30px People's Republic of Poland Poznań PolishCSTO Canon
30px PortugalPunta Delgada PortugueseAtlantic Defense CommunityAzores Island Interim Government Canon
30px Prussia BerlinGerman, Polish German survivor nation located in northern Germany along the coast of the Baltic sea.Canon
30px Rheinland FederationNeussGerman Canon
30px Rhodope SmolyanBulgarian, Turkish, Greek Bulgarian survivor nation centered in the Rhodope Mountains of south-central Bulgaria.Canon
30px Russian ConfederacyTratyakgradRussian Canon
30px Sapmi Republic LovozeroNorth Sami Canon
30px San Marino San MarinoItalian Canon
30px SaxonyChemnitzGerman Canon
30px Serbia KragujevacSerbian Successor state to Yugoslavia Canon
25px Sicily Napoli Italian Canon
30px Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenian Canon
30px Southern England Ryde English Candidate for Organisation of British Nations Ex New British base for evacuation Canon
30px Republic of Spain Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spanish, Arabic, Catalan Atlantic Defense CommunityReunified state consisting of País del Oro and the Spanish Republic Canon
30px Swabia-WürttembergRavensburgGerman Canon
30px TransylvaniaCluj-Napoca Romanian, Hungarian Canon
30px Tuscany FlorenceItalian Canon
30px Venice Venice (ceremonial), Trieste (administrative) Italian, Slovenian, Croatian Protectorate of the Alpine ConfederationCanon
30px Weimar WeimarGerman Canon
30px Waldeck-HesseArolsen German German survivor state in the former state of Hessen.Canon
30px WoodbridgeWoodbridgeEnglishOrganisation of British Nations Part of the English county of SuffolkCanon

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
BulgariaSofia (destroyed)BulgarianWarsaw Pact Canon
NetherlandsAmsterdam (destroyed)DutchNATO Canon
30px East BritainBourneEnglish Became NewollandCanon
HungaryBudapest (destroyed) Warsaw Pact Canon
ItalyRome (destroyed)ItalianNATO Canon
30px Soviet Karelia RussianCSTO(observer)Became a part of the USSR in 2011 Canon
SpainMadrid (destroyed) SpanishNATO Now covered by various survivor statesCanon
30px Spanish Republic Murcia Spanish Now part of the Republic of Spain Canon
30px United Kingdom London (destroyed) English, Welsh, Scots, Gaelic NATO Succeeded by the Celtic Alliance, and OBN nations and survivors founded New Britain Canon
Rheged CarlisleEnglish Merged with Northumbria in 2011 Canon
30px Ur Alba PeeblesEnglish, Scots The Ur Alba military and government collapsed after the Ur Alba War Canon
30px Vatican Vatican City State, Rome, Italy (destroyed) Latin, Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Non-Alligned Movement Sede Vacante as Vatican in 1983, officially transfered to Rio de Janeiro Brazil Canon
30px Yugoslavia Belgrade Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian Non-Alligned Movement Canon


Nation Capital Language(s) Organization Notes Article Status
New Livonian Order Cēsis Latvian Militia, inspired by the medieval monastic order (Livonian Order), operating in the Vidzeme region in Latvia Canon?


See main article: Africa


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
AlgeriaAlgiersArabic Official name: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
30px AmbazoniaBamendaEnglish 25px West African Union Canon
30px Ambô San Antonio de Palé Fá d'Ambô, Portuguese Associated with Brazil Canon
30px Angola (People's Republic) LuandoPortuguese, Spanish Canon
30px Angola (Republic) Huambo Portuguese Canon
30px AnkoleBwenyoreRunyankole Canon
30px BotswanaFrancistownTswana,English Official name: The Republic Of BotswanaCanon
30px BugandaKampalaLuganda, English Canon
30px Burundi Bujumbura French, Rundi Official Name: Republic of Burundi Proposal
30px Cabinda Cabinda Portuguese Canon
30px Islamic Republic of CameroonGarouaFrench, Fulfulde Canon
Chad Canon
30px Darfur Al FashrEnglish, Arabic Canon
30px DjiboutiDjiboutiArabic, French Canon
30px East SudanAl QadarifEnglish, Arabic Canon
30px Egypt Masree (Egyptian Arabic) Successor to pre-Doomsday EgyptCanon
30px Emirate of the Red Sand Moroni Arabic Successor to the pre-Doomsday Comoros Canon
30px Eritrea AsmaraEnglish, Italian Tigrinya 25px Confederation of African Marxist Countries Canon
30px Ethiopia Addis AbabaEnglish, Amharic TigrinyaConfederation of African Marxist Countries Canon
30px Republic of German South West Africa Neu Berlin (Walvis Bay)German, English Canon
30px GhanaAccraEnglishWest African Union Canon
30px Guinea-BissauBissauPortugueseWest African Union Canon
30px IsiroIsiroFrench, SwahiliCanon
30px Ivory CoastYamoussoukroFrenchWest African Union Canon
30px KabylieTizi-OuzoKabylie Berber NationCanon
30px KatangaLubumbashiKiSwahili, Tshiluba Canon
30px KivuFiziFrench, English, Swahili Canon
30px Kongo QuembebeKongo Canon
30px KwaXhosaBhishoXhosaAfrican Economic CommunityCurrently occupied by New Britain Canon
Democratic Republic of LofaVoinjama Breakaway state from LiberiaCanon
30px LesothoMaseru Canon
30px MadagascarAntananarivoMalagasy, French, English Canon
30px MalawiLilongweEnglish, Chichewa Canon
30px Maradikasa MaradiHausa, French, English Offically founded 4th December 2011 Proposal
30px Mauritius Port LouisEnglish Canon
30px Monrovia Monrovia English, Kpelle, others Safe Harbor Compact Free port and city-state since 1991 Canon
30px Kingdom of MoroccoMarrakechArabic Canon
30px MozambiqueMaputoPortugese, English Canon/Stub
30px NamibiaOmuthiyaEnglish, German, Afrikaans Single-party republic in northern Southwest AfricaCanon
30px New BritainSalisbury, Port Elizabeth, Port AlfredEnglishAfrican Economic CommunityBritish survivalist state situated in Africa Canon
Republic of NimbaSanniquellie Breakaway state from LiberiaCanon
30px NigeriaIsheyemi English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba West African Union Canon
30px Orange Free State Canon
30px Republic of RifNadorArabic, Rifenian berber (official) Canon
30px RZACape TownAfrikaans, English and various native African languagesAfrican Economic CommunityProvisional Government in Capetown Canon
30px RodriguesPort MathurinEnglish, French, Rodriguan Creole Dependency of MauritiusCanon, Stub
30px SenegalDakarFrenchWest African Union Canon
30px SeychellesVictoriaEnglish, French, Seychellois Creole stub, Idea??
30px SomalilandHargeisaSomali, Arabic and English Canon
30px South Africa Afrikaans, English and various native African languagesMembers of the New Union include:
20px German South West Africa
20px Volkstaat
20px Waterboersland
Canon, Stub
30px South Sudan JubaEnglish, ArabicConfederation of African Marxist Countries Canon
30px TogoLoméFrenchWest African Union Canon
Tamanrasset Proposal
Tamahaq Proposal
30px TunisiaTunisArabic Canon
ZaireKinshasa, Brazzaville French Joint Kinshasa-Brazzaville Self-Defense Council (urban area of the twin cities) Canon, Stub
30px ZanzibarZanzibar City Successor state to TanzaniaCanon
30px Zululand (Kingdom)UlundiZulu Canon

Overseas Territories

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Réunion and Mauritius English, French Part of République des Terres Française Australes
30px Saint HelenaJamestownEnglish Part of New Britain

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Liberia Monrovia English, others American bloc Disintegrated in early 1990sCanon
30px País del OroEl AaiúnSpanish, Arabic, Catalan Atlantic Defense CommunityNow part of the Republic of Spain Canon
30px Libya TripoliArabic Collapsed shortly after DD, now parts of Egypt and Cyrenaica Proposal
30px Niger NiameyFrench, Hausa, Fulfulde Collapsed in 1985, south of Niger reformed as Maradikasa in 2011 Proposal


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Soviet Kingdoms of Angola Canon


See main article: Asia


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px AcehBanda AcehAcehnese Canon
30px Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamTelgu Canon
30px AraliaAralUzbek, Kazakh and Arabic Protectorate of the USSR Siberian client state since January 2010Canon
30px AzerbaijanAgsuAzerbaijani Canon
30px BalochistanZaranjPashto Successor state to AfghanistanCanon
30px BhutanBhutanThimphuDzongkha Canon
30px Brunei & SarawakBandar Seri Begawan Malay Canon, Stub
30px BukharaBukharaUzbek Canon
30px CambodiaPhnom PenhKhmer Canon
30px Cocos Islands Bantam (Home Island) English, Malay Claimed by Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand Canon
Dragon State "The Hidden City" Chinese (Mandarin) A survivalist state in China Canon
30px GansuTianshui Mandarin Canon
30px Hainan Haikou Chinese Canon
30px IndonesiaBanjarmasinIndonesian Alliance of Indonesian Provinces Canon
30px JapanKyotoJapanese Canon
30px JiangsuLianyungangChinese (Mandarin) Canon
30px Kazakh Khanate Türkistan Kazakh, Uzbek Canon
30px Khalistan Amritsar Punjabi Canon
30px KhivaKhivaUzbek Canon
30px Korea Kaesong Korean Canon
30px Kokand Kokand Uzbek, Kirgiz, Tajik Canon
30px Kurdistan Van Kurdish, Arabic, TurkishCanon
30px LaosVientianeLao Canon
30px MalaysiaKuala LumpurMalay, English Canon
30px MaldivesMaléDhivehi, English Canon
30px MyanmarRangoonBurmese Canon
NanchungGhanzhou Canon
30px NepalKathmanduNepali Canon
30px PakistanIslamabadUrdu Islamic People's Republic Canon
30px People's Republic of ChinaTaiyuanChinese (Mandarin) Canon
30px PhilippinesManila-NCRFilipino, English Canon
30px Siberia/USSRKrasnoyarsk Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Mongolian, Uyghur Successor state to USSR Canon
30px SingaporeCity of SingaporeEnglish, Malay, Chinese, Tamil Canon
30px Sri LankaSri Jayawardenapura-KotteSinhala, Tamil Canon
30px Taiwanese ChinaNew TaipeiChinese (Mandarin Standard), Taiwanese Canon
30px Tamil NaduChennaiTamil Canon
30px ThailandBangkokThai Canon
30px TibetShangtseTibetan, Chinese Formerly part of China Canon
30px TurkeyKonyaTurkishSuccessor to the Republic of TurkeyCanon
30px Union Interim Parliament Bombay Hindi, English, and others Successor government controlling much of India Canon
30px VietnamSaigonVietnamese, Chinese Canon
30px YunnanKunmingChinese (Mandarin) Canon

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px AfghanistanKabul (destroyed) Dari (Persian), Pashto Divided between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the south and the Northern Alliance in the north Canon
30px State of ElazigElâzığTurkish Conquered by TurkeyCanon
30px Republic of HatayIskenderumTurkish Annexed by TurkeyCanon
30px Imperial ChinaTongliaoChinese (Mandarin), Manchu Annexed by the USSR, has a government in exile Canon
30px India Jointly represented by Union Interim Parliament in the League of NationsCanon
30px People's Republic of MongoliaUlan BatorMongolian, Russian, ChineseSoviet Socialist Republic in the USSRFormerly an independent nation before joining the USSRCanon
Third East Turkestan RepublicUrumqiUyghurSoviet Socialist Republic in the USSRFormerly an independent republic before joining the USSRCanon


See main article: Oceania


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px ANZC (Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand)Jervis BayEnglish Unified in 1995; territory includes Micronesia and Samoa Canon
30px Belau Koror Belauan and English ANZC Associated State Known as Palau before 1991 Canon
30px Bougainville & Solomon IslandsArawa Not acknowledged due to violent annexation by Bougainville" Canon
30px Cook IslandsAvaruaEnglish, Cook Islands MāoriANZC Associated State Canon
East TimorDiliTetum and PortugueseANZC Associated State Canon
30px FijiSuvaEnglish, Bau Fijian, and Hindustani Stub
30px HawaiiHiloEnglish, HawaiianANZC Associated StateRestored monarchy Canon
30px Kiribati ANZC Associated State Canon
30px NauruYarenEnglishANZC Associated State Canon
30px Niue Alofi Niuean and English ANZC Associated State Stub
30px Norfolk Island Kingston English ANZC Associated State Canon
30px Papua New GuineaPort MoresbyTok PisinANZC Associated State Canon
30px Pitcairn IslandsAdamstownEnglishANZC Associated State Canon
File:FrenchTerritories.PNG République des Terres Française AustralesPapeete, Tahiti and Nouméa, New Caledonia French Oceanian territories include:
French Polynesia
New Caledonia
Wallis & Futuna
30px TongaNukuʻalofaTongan and English League of Nations headquarters Canon
30px TuvaluFunafutiTuvaluan, EnglishANZC Associated State Canon
VanuatuPort VilaBislama, English, FrenchANZC Associated State Stub

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Federated States of MicronesiaKoloniaEnglish (official), various other languages Incorporated into ANZC after 2001 referendumCanon
30px SamoaApiaSamoan and EnglishANZUS Pact observerUnified Dec. 1983, incorporated into ANZC after 1995 referendum Canon
30px United States of AmericaWashington D.C. (pre-1983), Canberra (post-1983)EnglishANZUS PactGovernment for United States refugees and outlying islands from 1984 to 1995/6, disbanded and joined ANZC Canon

Middle East

See main article: Middle East


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px AssyriaTel Keppe Neo-Aramaic Canon
30px BahrainManama ArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px IranTehranPersian Stub
30px Israel Jerusalem Hebrew, Arabic Canon
30px JordanKarak CityArabic Canon
30px KurdistanSerbajar TezeKurdish Canon
30px KuwaitKuwait CityArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px LebanonBeirut Arabic, French Canon
30px OmanMuscatArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px QatarDohaArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px Saudi ArabiaRiyadhArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px Second Empire of Trabzon TrabzonTurkish, Rumaiic (Greek) Canon
30px TurkeyKonyaTurkish Canon
30px United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiArabicGulf States Union Canon
30px YemenSana'aArabic Canon

Former countries

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Status
30px Turkey Empty
30px Syria Canon


See main article: Antarctica
Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Article Proposals
French Antarctic Territories French Crozet & Kerguelen Islands- province of République des Terres Française Australes Canon
British Antarctic Territories English The Palmer Land Peninsula, the Ronne Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea, the territory also includes the South Shetland Islands and South Orkney Islands.- Territory of Realm of New Britain Canon

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