Occitania has been issuing Lisence Plates since 1923, due to the high number of cars in the nation.

Regular Plates

Plates were originally issued in the format of two letters and four numbers (ex. AC 1967). Due to the high number of foreign cars in Occitania, the government allowed people who used its roads often or worked here to use Occitanian plates.In the 1950s it switched to using a five number plate, but the old system was re-introduced in 1986. In 2003, it switched to using the European Plates which many EU members began to use. Registration plates cost €21 for Occitanians and €26 for foreigners.

Special Plates

Vanity plates are allowed but are rarely seen, as they are more expensive and complicated to get. Single or double-digit plates are also not available to the general public.

Royal Family Members and the Prime Minister are issued with single or double-digit special plates, faturing the national coat-of-arms and a stylized Royal Standard. No. 1 is reserved for the King's car and No. 2 for the Prime Minister.