Following the aftermath of Doomsday, many once-powerful nations were reduced to nothing but rubble and radiation. However, from these ashes, many new nations emerged from remnants of the old, with some of these nations becoming even more powerful than their direct predecessors. Here is a list of post-Doomsday successor states.


Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria Alpine Confederation
Bulgaria Rhodope
Kingdom of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands (Antilles)
United Kingdom Celtic Alliance; New Britain - (in Africa); Cleveland; Northumbria; Woodbridge; Newolland; Essex; Westmorland and Furness Territories; Lancaster; Southern Scotland.
Italy Sicily
Spain and Western Sahara Pais del Oro, Republic of Spain
France RTFA, Celtic Alliance, La République Poitevine, Pays-Libres des Basques, Grand-Andorre, Auvergne, Bourgogne-et-Franche-Comté, Duché of Orléans, Lille-et-Terres-Flamande, Le Royaume de Monaco
West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) North Germany
East Germany (Democratic Republic of Germany) Prussia
Greece (Hellenic Republic) Confederation of Greece
Portuguese Republic Interim Government of Portugal
Romania Transylvania
Yugoslavia Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia


People's Republic of China and the Republic of China Chinese Republic of Taiwan; Tibet; Hainan
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and People's Republic of Mongolia Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics For others see Other Soviet Successor States.
North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and South Korea (Republic of Korea) Union of Korean Peoples
Republic of India Union Interim Parliament of India

North America

Canada Canada Remainder Provinces, Provisional Canada, Assiniboia
Mexico United Mexican States and Republic of Yucatan
United States of America Free State of Alaska, Free State of Hawaii and the re-established United States, Lakotah, Alabama, Antlers, Aroostook, Astoria, Binghamton, Blue Ridge, Broken Bow, Californian Republic, Cascadia, Charleston, Chumash Republic, Delmarva, Deseret, Dinatah, East Tennessee, Republic of Texas, Republic of New York, First Coast, Hattiesburg, Hot Springs

Central America and the Caribbean

Republic of Panama South American Confederation (legal successor to Panama under several treaties), San José de David (recognized successor government in 1980s and 90s), Third Panamanian Federation
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (U.S) Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Several Caribbean Islands East Caribbean Federation


Ethiopia Peoples Republic of Ethiopia and State of Eritrea
Sudan East Sudan, South Sudan, Darfur, Egypt
Republic of Upper Volta Kingdom of Banfora, Second Republic of Upper Volta
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco and Islamic Republic of Morocco
Niger Maradikasa, Chad, Tamahaq, Tamanrasset, Second Republic of Upper Volta
South Africa KwaXhosa, New Britain and Republic of the Cape (under RZA occupation)
Libya Egypt, Cyrenaica - Greek Federation
Egypt Egypt, Kemet - Greek Federation, Israel