Ryan Cartman
Ryan Cartman
Prime Minister of Ceardia
In office
13 May 2875 – 18 December 2879
Nominated by House of Commissioners
Preceded by Douglas H. Smith
Succeeded by Brian Fitzgerald
Leader of the Freedom Party
Assumed office
20 December 2869
Preceded by George Francois
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
5 November 2853
Minister for Foreign Affairs
In office
13 February 2867 – 22 December 2869
Personal details
Born Ryan Noel Cartman
17 February 2819 (aged 60)
Acadia, Ceardia
Political party Freedom Party of Ceardia
Spouse(s) Maria Holland
Children 3
Occupation Political Analyst

Ryan Noel Cartman (born 17 February 2819) is a Ceardian politician and was serving as Prime Minister of Ceardia until he was suspended by the president.

He was born in Ceardia to a middle class family. His father was a strong fascist and nationalist while his mother did not want him to copy his fathers views. Cartman after completing his secondary education when on to study political science and soon joined the Democratic Nationalists Party. After a short time at their press office he ran for election and was successfully elected in 2953. In 2867 he was appointed to the role of Minister for Foreign Affairs after the Nationalist Coalition took power. While in office he was a extremely outspoken and aggressive minister and threatened neighbouring countries with invasion. After expressing remarks in the parliament on establishing a more authoritarian regime in government he was sacked and expelled from the party. After this he joined a small fasces-nationalist party called the Freedom Party. After taking control of the party he led it to victory and won his first election in 2875.

After taking power he made a number of new changes. He severely cut government netting in jobseekers pay and other vital services and once said "get out and get a job" at a unemployment conference. He also cut several relations with a number of socialist countries and threatened to invade Karichtaca.

In 2879 he proposed to pass the Ministerial Decree Act. This would be his ultimate downfall. It proposed to give sweeping powers to the cabinet and pass certain laws without approval of the parliament. In response to the bill all opposition parties formed a coalition and defeated the bill. A motion of no confidence was also passed and presented to the president. After lengthy deliberation between the President, Cabinet, Council of State.